GRITZERS - Hot Rod, Bike, Kustom and mooore!

GRITZERS - Hot Rod, Bike, Kustom and mooore!


Open a cold beer, sit back and take a look at the life of a Gritz.
We're pretty bad to using this blog but sometimes it happens.

Cool Clothes & More

WebsitesPosted by Gritzers 2015-11-04 08:20:27
Do you need cool clothes, stickers or kustom arts?
Take a look at Triple Six webshop.

WebsitesPosted by Gritzers 2015-06-03 20:04:32
Robban Gritz at Rat Fink Reunion 2012, photo by Rub N Scrape... Nice Website!


WebsitesPosted by Putte Gritz 2014-09-23 13:54:17
Our facebook page!

Old Photoalbum

WebsitesPosted by Putte Gritz 2014-06-15 02:32:36
Here's the Gallery from our deleted website.
KLICK HERE to see some Gritzers pictures!